Post Operating Committees

To help advise the Commander and Executive Committee the Post may establish and define the work of Post committees.

With the Commander's consent, each chairperson selects at least two other members to serve on each committee and they will serve for an indefinite term at the discretion of the chairperson.

Through work on committees, our members provide the hard work needed for our Post's success as they plan, organize, communicate and implement the programs of our Post and The American Legion.

The Post Operating Committees are critical to increasing active membership. Committees within Our Post create a forum for members to pursue personal interests. They allow for the strengths and dedication of our members to shine.

Post members, like you, serving on committees can grow as productive post members and leaders. Committee work also functions as a very important training ground to develop the leadership skills and knowledge of the Legion, which future Post leaders need to succeed

Committee Descriptions

Americanism Committee - seeks to inspire love of country and good citizenship through patriotic observances, flag etiquette, civic instruction in schools, community service, and your activities such as Boys State, Boy Scouts, Oratorical Contest and School Award Medals.

Membership Committee - has charge of all matters pertaining to membership eligibility, growth, acceptance, retention, and renewals. Guidance is provided by the First Vice Commander.

Finance Committee - supervises the financial duties of the Post, prepares the annual budget and advises the Executive Committee on financial matters.

Building & Grounds Committee - handles the operation and upkeep of our Post facility.

Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Committee - is responsible for bringing to the attention of members and their dependents the rights and benefits granted them by law. They shall assist veterans in the pursuance of claims and in obtaining other veterans' rights and benefits; to visit comrades who are sick or disabled; to visit and comfort members of their families of sick or bereaved.

PR and Media Committee - oversees print and digital media communication and channels delivered from our Post. The committee also has oversight of our Post's media outreach program. It also provides support for key marketing initiatives of our Post.

Entertainment Committee - plans and oversees the social/fun events at the post with guidance and direction from the Executive committee. Works closely with the Rec Room Committee.

Basement Committee - Oversees and manages the function of the basement, including the bartenders and other events held within the basement.

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